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Vampires! A Dark Alleyway FAQ

What do I get for donating?
Bear in mind that some of the powers can be acquired in the city, and that all but Second-sight are or will be available that way. Still, by way of thanks for donations, you get some powers for your vampire.

The first $5 you donate gets you one levelled power of your choice (not Suction, Perception or Surprise) to level 1, the power Second-Sight, the removal of ads while you are logged in, and the removal of the 120-visit-per-day limit while you are logged in.

After that, each additional donation of $3 will get you one levelled power of your choice (not Suction, Perception or Surprise) to level-1, and each additional $5 will get Suction, Perception or Surprise.

If (and only if) you have all the powers at level-1 (including Suction, Perception and Surprise), each additional $5 donation will upgrade a level-1 power of your choice to level-2, and each additional $10 donation will upgrade a level-2 power to level-3.

Having donated does not give you immunity to being deleted for cheating, spamming, or other breaches of the rules. It does, however, keep your vampire from being deleted due to inactivity.

The above does not apply to the Neutrality power - you can increase other powers beyond level one without getting any Neutrality levels. If you want to alter your Neutrality power by donation, a $5 donation can change it to any level you want. Similarly, a $5 donation can get a BattleCloak, but a $20 donation is required to remove it, to discourage abusive swapping..

In summary:
First $5: Second-Sight and any one of Celerity-1, Stamina-1, Thievery-1, Shadows-1, Telepathy-1, Charisma-1 or Locate-1.
After that, in any order:Once you have all of those (bear in mind you can get these all in-game):
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