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Vampires! A Dark Alleyway FAQ

What are the rules in the chatrooms?
  1. No typing all in caps. It's annoying and rude.
  2. Respect the chats, respect the moderators, respect each other. If you can't figure out what this entails, you do not belong here.
  3. Do not dispute moderator decisions in public. Speak with them in private. Be aware that their say is final. Don't assume that just because it's private this means you can be abusive.
  4. Do not discuss the following topics;
    • Beyond 'R' rated topics
    • Personal insults based on religion, race or personal information
    • Illegal discussions (e.g. drugs, child porn, rape, etc.)
    • Personal threats
  5. No spamming, trolling or being intentionally disruptive.
If you have any concerns involving moderators or the bloodchat, please contact RavenBlack by filling out this form. Be reasonable! If you become abusive towards RavenBlack your account may be terminated.
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