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How To Play

The City

The city has 100 streets crossed by 100 streets; the streets in one direction are numbered, those in the other are named in near-alphabetical order; the first fifty are alphabetical trees and animals, the second half are alphabetical minerals and malaise. Navigation is, therefore, mostly quite easy. NOTE! They are not in alphabetical order, they are in two sets from A-Z, one in the west half, one in the east. As a vampire, you stalk the humans on the streets. If there are many vampires gathered within a single square, no more can move there until it's cleared out. Streets are indicated by grey squares, with signs at the intersections. Black squares between streets indicate blocks of buildings, which you can pass through in the alleyways. Blue squares indicate impassable regions - either they are overcrowded, on the edge of the city, or some other reason.

Action Points

You have a maximum of 50 Action Points (fewer if you have less than 100 blood, plus one at 200 blood and at every doubling thereafter). They recharge at the rate of one every half hour. Actions can currently be used to move to adjacent city squares (with the 'Move Here' links), to drink the blood of victims in the same square as you, to speak, use powers, use location-based features, or use objects. If you are out of action points, you cannot act until you have rested (wait half an hour).


Around the city, there are buildings. Currently, the buildings consist of public transit stations, pubs, magic shops and some secretive hidden buildings.


You can use Transit to travel more swiftly around the city, at the cost of three action points and five coins. There are nine stations, positioned where Mongoose Road crosses 25th, 50th and 75th, where Zelkova crosses 25th, 50th and 75th, and where Malachite crosses 25th, 50th and 75th.


You can buy drinks at pubs. Sometimes the bartenders can be coaxed into getting chatty. Pubs are scattered around the city in no particular pattern.


If you find a human, you can drink their blood. When you do this, you get from one to three pints, depending on the human's health (you can't tell how many until you drink), and whatever money the victim was carrying. You can also drain blood from other Vampires; you extract one pint, and can only do this once until they move (this does not mean they cannot be drunk from - another vampire can also take one drink). Vampires with less than 3 pints of blood cannot be drunk from.

Siring New Vampires

Creating a new vampire (by bringing a friend to the game, via your biter link) now gives you ten pints of blood.

More commands

The 'More Commands' link beneath the city display provides extra options that your vampire can perform. Currently, you can speak using this, use any powers that have to be actively used, and use objects (eg. scrolls and potions) you've bought. When you speak, every vampire in your square will hear what you say. This costs one action point.


Some Vampires have special Powers (either as a thank-you for donating to the server costs, or acquired somehow in the City). The available powers are as follows:

Special Note

You can only hit the blood script (that's pretty much any page of the game) 220 times in 24 hours from a single machine, so don't hit refresh too much or you won't be able to do anything until that time expires. This is to conserve bandwidth and keep the machine responsive. This limit is waived for players who have donated $5 or more towards server costs.

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