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Vampires! A Dark Alleyway FAQ

What powers are there?
The following powers are available:There is also the power of Neutrality, which is a two-edged power; it prevents you from using Holy Water, and reduces damage done to you by Holy Water (reduced to 1, with Neutrality-3), it prevents damage from Scrolls of Turning used by or on you. When a Neutral vampire robs a non-Neutral, or vice-versa, half their take is claimed by the Peacekeepers Guild. Similarly, BattleCloak makes a vampire only able to engage in combat with other BattleCloaked vampires, though it doesn't effect Thievery or biting. A BattleCloaked vampire goes into Torpor if their blood goes below 10, which makes them unable to engage or be engaged in combat at all. Torpor ends when blood goes above 250.
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